Why do you never hear laughter in an art gallery?
Arturart was my attempt to answer that question and to defy it.
In August 2007 and 2008 me and the splendid half-trousered Simon Pearce filled a grand empty townhouse in Edinburgh with ridiculous and funny art.
We won an award and everyfink. Maybe I’ll do it again sometime – See / hear the remnants here

Letters To A Young Comedian

In 1994 I wrote a letter  ‘The Stage and Television Today’ complaining about the tedium in the column entitled “Letter to a Young Actor’.
They responded by firing its author and hiring me.
I started filing ‘Letter to a Young Comedian’ and continue to write a column once a month (though without the title).
Here is a selection.

Other Writings

Here are some other things I’ve written….
Here is a selection.


I used to be in a band, we were called Results! and sounded a bit like this
You can hear the whole lot if you have no life, here