Letters To A Young Comedian…

In 1994 I wrote a letter to ‘The Stage and Television Today’ complaining about the tedium in the column entitled ‘Letter to a Young Actor’.
They responded by firing its author and hiring me.
I started filing ‘Letter to a Young Comedian’ and continue to write a column once a month (though without the title).
Here is a selection.

Writers - The Stage, November 7th 2005

Ann Widdecombe - The Stage, October 10th 2005

Laughter & Politics - The Stage, October 10th 2005

Edinburgh. And Cornwall. - The Stage, September 12th 2005

Numbering The Geniuses - The Stage, August 8th 2005

QI Diary - The Stage, June 13th 2005

Zero - The Stage, May 17th 2005

Shakespeare - The Stage, April 15th 2005

Malcolm - The Stage, March 31st 2005

Awards Ceremonies - The Stage, March 21st 2005

Bitterness - The Stage, January 31st 2005

New Years’ Resolutions - The Stage, January 7th 2005

Rejection - The Stage, December 13th 2004

Cross Dressing - The Stage, November 12th 2004

The Golden Age Of TV - The Stage, September 20th 2004

The Edinburgh Fringe - The Stage, August 23rd 2004

Autobiographies - The Stage, July 26th 2004

Understudies - The Stage, June 24th 2004

The Hijack Joke - The Stage, June 1st 2004

Being A Comedian - The Stage, April 30th 2004

Benidorm - The Stage, April 5th 2004

Celebrity - The Stage, March 8th 2004

Banana Comedy Club - The Stage, February 9th 2004

Comedy Generations - The Stage, January 19th 2004

Image courtesty of Fringepig.co.uk