A Poem – November 2012

November 2012

Pulling up after the wedding reception

they see her, their neighbor,

standing in the street.

She is looking, she says,

for a lift to her home in London.

‘Hazel,’ they tell her,

‘you live here in this house.’

The door is open.

They take her in

and see she has packed a bag,

(if a jumper and a biscuit count as packing)

Oh Hazel,

It is 35 years since you left London

to live, as you said, ‘in the shires’.

but she is still

within you

the grammar school girl

from Loughborough Junction

kissing sailors and dancing

In Trafalgar Square.

It is VE day

and the rest of the century

Is yours.

6 Responses to “A Poem – November 2012”

  1. Memories of my mother and my aunt. Sad.
    Lesley (formerly of Balham)

  2. I really like the poem, its realism, lack of sentimentality but with moving feeling and a sense of history. Published a collection?
    The spelling of “neighbor” misled me – I remember someone at school pronouncing that “mizzled” – into thinking, for a monument it would be in the US, but then autocorrect changed what I just wrote, from moment to monument, for example!?

  3. John Pharaoh says:

    A poignant poem,written,I presume(as a Daphne reader)from bitter personal experience.My sympathy to you three Smiths and respective families,whom,I’m sure,between you, will be able to find the best possible way for you to help Hazel through this phase of her life journey.How pissingly platitudinous this seems:it was much better in first edit,which I promptly lost when I tried to submit it.So,once again,I blame your website!(I somehow managed to tweet your poem,so all is not lost)

  4. Beautiful, but terribly sad. Give her my love. She might remember me.

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